I Did It For DAD!

ESPN First Take

Anyone who knows me, knows my LOVE for sports and that I am a HUGE Laker fan. I have been one long before I moved to Los Angeles.  I am also a big fan of the show “First Take” on ESPN2 . I had a chance to speak on the Lakers on the show last July.  I will always remember this because I’d watch the show with my dad several times who was also a fan.  My dad passed 4 days before i was scheduled to appear.  It was rough, but I did it for Dad.

I Have A D D (I love  A pair of Double D’s)

Guy Torry on V-103 Atlanta with Big Tigger

While promoting my upcoming comedy shows in Atlanta, I stopped by the Big Tigger Show on V-103 FM. On the show was another guest who was having trouble finding a boyfriend and I was asked to help. Now everyone knows I LOVE the boobies and this woman had enough to feed 9 villages. Listen to my advice.


Guy Torry on LA Protest for Ferguson

I was proud to have grown up in St. Louis, Missouri. It was the city that shaped my childhood. Just outside of the city, is a morsel of a municipality named Ferguson. In college years, I dated a girl who live there. After moving to Los Angeles and having some success, my brother Joe and I moved our parents out of the city to another small town only two blocks from Ferguson named Dellwood. Both townships were small, quiet and safe. It wasn’t until July of 2014 that, that area became the talk around the world. When the Mike Brown incident happened, even though I was 2000 miles away, it hit home. When the protests reach my other home in Los Angeles, California, and in my hood of downtown LA, I had to see what was going on.

Two Little Muthafucka’s

Guy Torry & Kevin Hart on The Tom Joyner Morning Show

Listen and watch the exchange between two friends who have a genuine respect and admiration for each other. I was promoting my comedy show, and he a block buster movie that was about to be released. Listen as we decide who’s taller.