Guy being Guy!


Check out some of the jokes and roasts that has gotten me into more trouble than Kanye, Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin combined. It’s all in fun…..I hope.

Watch, Learn, and be Entertained

Rules of The Game

If you’re an aspiring comedian this interview may help you get to know if you’re on the right path to being successful. I’ve been blessed to have great mentors that gave me pearls of wisdom. I would be doing a disservice to comedy if I don’t share what I’ve learned. I hope these stories not only entertain you, but are of some help in the right direction.


Snoop Diggity Dawg

Check out this video as I try and join Hip Hop Legend Snoop Dogg’s football team during Super Bowl weekend in Miami.

Guy Torry is a FOOL PARTY!

Me, Myself, & Guy

The verdict is in and a team of doctors have verified that I am Tri-Polar. I have three personalities. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. When I was married, my wife had no idea who the hell was coming home. She didn’t know if we were going to get Freaky, Fight or Pray! I model is; “Keep em’ guessing.”